The present general terms and conditions of sale govern sales made from the website (hereinafter "The Site") belonging to Mr Christophe RESSEGUIER, photographer, known under the name "Chris Photos International" and whose activity is established 9 Rue Francisque Poulbot 81000 Albi, Siret n°389 007 527 00028, hereinafter "The Photographer".
The purchase of an online print on the site implies acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter "GTC").

The act of purchasing a print is a contract, which implies that the buyer is of full age within the meaning of its national law. If necessary, the Photographer reserves the right to ask for a valid identity document before honouring an order.
The Internet user guarantees that the information given as to his identity and age are accurate and will assume alone the consequences of any omission or false statement.

Opening an account
The purchase of a print on the Site implies the opening of a free account, automatically created at the time of the order. The account can be terminated at any time by sending an eMail to the Photographer at©
Prints offered for sale
Two types of photographic prints are available on the Site:

• Some photographs are offered in series of 500 numbered copies

• Other photographs are proposed as Art prints according to the french fiscal law (series of 30 copies maximum all medias and sizes confused, signed and numbered by the author). The prints will be sent with a certificate of authenticity. These works of art, as defined by tax law, are eligible for the tax benefits described on the site (
Description des œuvres et des supports
Les œuvres mises en vente, ainsi que les supports et formats proposés sont décrits sur le site.
L’Internaute est informé qu’une très légère variation de teintes peut être constatée, en fonction de l’étalonnage de l’écran de son propre système informatique, sans que cela ne puisse être reproché au Photographe.

Payment, completion of the print and shipping modalities

• Payment
No print will be made before full payment of the price by the Internet user.
The price must be paid online, by using Paypal or Stripe systems, which imply the prior opening of an account by the Internet user on the site of this external provider and compliance with the Terms of Use of the concerned service.
The Photographer does not have access to confidential payment informations communicated by the Buyer while finalizing his purchase on the site of the secure payment provider.

• Printing of the Photograph
The Photographer will then entrust the production of the print to one of his two service providers (see here - link) depending on the medium chosen at the time of purchase. The service provider is responsible for making the print and sending it to the Buyer.

• Printing time and shipping
The printing and shipping of the Photograph is made by the external service provider chosen by the Photographer.
The average shipping times mentioned are for information only. The Photographer cannot be held responsible for any delays due to the carrier.
If the Buyer wishes to report a particular emergency, he is invited to contact the Photographer in advance to find out about the possibilities of emergency printing and shipping, as well as any additional costs that this request may entail.

Sending the certificate of authenticity
When the Buyer has chosen an art print, numbered and signed by the Photographer in a series of 30 copies maximum, he will also receive a certificate of authenticity sent by the Photographer himself. The Buyer is informed that the conservation of the certificate will allow him to prove the authenticity of the work.

Precautions for use
Whatever the medium chosen, photographic prints are sensitive to direct sunlight. The photographer advises against hanging them in direct sunlight, as well as in a potentially humid room (bathroom, kitchen, etc.).
Prints are available on substrates suitable for indoor use. No guarantee can be given for hangings outside, even sheltered from bad weather and under protected space.

Issues when receiving the print
Any issue when receiving the print must be notified by the within 48 hours of receipt of the print, at
If possible, he should attach photographs of the print and/or its packaging, showing the damage noted. The Photographer will contact the service provider to whom he has entrusted the production of the print, so that a solution can be found as soon as possible. To speed up the processing of the problem, the Photographer may encourage direct communication between the Buyer and the service provider while monitoring the progress of the processing of the file.

Any print that:
- would not be in conformity with the work ordered,
- is defective or has been damaged during transport,
must be returned to the service provider in the terms and conditions communicated by the Photographer and the service provider and in the original packaging.

Right of withdrawal
In accordance with the French Consumer Code (Art. L221-18 and following), and in the case of a sale operated by a professional seller established in the European Economic Area (Member States of the European Union + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein), the Buyer, if himself a national of this zone, has a period of 14 days from receipt of the print (whether series of 500 or 30) to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify any reason and without penalty.

Any request to exercise the right of withdrawal will be made:
• Or by post to the following address :
Chris Photos International
9 Rue Francisque Poulbot
• Or by eMail to
The refusal to accept the print sent is not sufficient to exercise the right of withdrawal.

The Buyer will wait to receive the information about the return of the print before proceeding to its forwarding in the original package and by the same mode of forwarding that chosen for the delivery (post or carrier).
When the Buyer exercises his right of withdrawal, the costs of returning the print remain at his expense. The work must be returned within a maximum of 14 days from the notification of withdrawal by the Buyer.
The Photographer will check the condition of the print before proceeding with the refund.

Intellectual Property
In accordance with Article L111-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code, the European and international treaties, ownership of the prit of a work does not entail transfer of copyright on it. Therefore, whether it is an art print within the meaning of tax law or an edition from a series of 500 copies, the Buyer is not entitled to reproduce the work on any medium and for any purpose whatsoever.
Any unauthorized reproduction would constitute an infringement, liable to prosecution and conviction, within the meaning of Articles L122-4 and L335-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Personal Informations
The informations transmitted by the Buyer during his purchase will not be transferred by the Photographer to third parties, in any form or for any reason whatsoever.
For any request to access, modify or delete personal data, the Buyer will send an eMail to
The Photographer has no access to any payment data communicated by the Buyer to the external secure payment provider (Paypal or Stripe).

Applicable law
These GTC are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation or execution shall fall within the jurisdiction of the French courts, determined in accordance with the French Code of Judicial Organisation and French laws, in particular the Intellectual Property Code when it concerns a dispute relating to the photographer's copyright.