Sophisticated lighting techniques enhance product and catalogue photography - a far cry from run-of-the-mill snapshots. Together with a trendy, creative approach, these techniques create a burst of visual sensations. Touch-ups go beyond optimization, highlighting your products and emphasizing the play of light. Your culinary creations, preparations and recipes deserve images that are full of flavor. I wish to put my art photography skills at the service of your communication and business needs. I would like to help you build a visual capital with an extensive coverage of corporate and industrial events, celebrations, shows and fairs. I am ready to create original designs for your company reports and organizational charts, as well as individual portraits of team members, product photography or any other visual service you may request.

Marketing Agency: In France :

Based in Albi (Tarn - 81), BOOST- IT is both a marketing-consulting company and a graphic design studio (web, design, photography...). Our passion for innovation and the creation of original marketing tools expresses our core values. BOOST-IT has enjoyed increasing popularity since 2009 due to its graphic individuality and unique professional content. As web design specialists, we also provide solutions for web marketing, content management, e-business, professional photos and videos, web design...

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